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German shepherd (German Shepherd bandog)
German shepherd is known it's intelligence, talent to any training, attachment breeder, pertinacity and rare popularity.
he.: Deutscher Schaferhund; angl. German Shepherd bandog
German shepherd is relatively cub race, steady as far as at the turn of 19. and 20. century from German peasant dogs disunited type. For the first time was superior on show in Hannoveru in the year 1882. At the end 19.century he began German shepherds use police, military et al. gun - toting components like fore guard and investigator. At the time first and second world's wars German shepherds upheld in military like medics. In 20. century was race confession and got all the world over universal popularity, largely thanks its excellent service abilities.
German shepherd is race service dogs.
Mediumly Great Dog rectangular frames, strong, energetic and well sinewy. Sexual resolution is distinct: dogs are bulky, than bitch. Gently drafted sliver type with generous beef. Head smaller, proportionately perched to body, cuneiform form, snout strong, nasal back straight. Cheekbone gently rounded. Ears middle - sized, high up hard - set, pointed, wind forward and up, erect. Eyes middle - sized, almond form. Back straight, wide, stern long, gently catchment. Chest no too wide, abdomen gently indrawn. Neck dry, strong. Shoulders short, step by step crossing on back. Back is round, fluently walk up and down to spring from tail. Tail high up hard - set, freely osrsteny, notching at least to hocks and below. Quiet attached in mild arch hung down, at fever rises.
Dog has in tap 61 as far as 66 cm, average is 62,5 cm.
Bitch has in tap 56 as far as 61 cm, average is 57,5 cm.
Dog scales 30 as far as 40 kg.
Bitch scales 22 as far as 30 kg.
Hair mediumly long, hard and dense, with wealthy podsrstim, on ears and on head shorter. Longer hair undesirable. Implied trust colouring is catch it: belt grey, belt rusty, black with tingle, wolf- gray ointment, cells- black ball with touch, black.
German shepherd is known it's intelligence, talent to any training, attachment to breeder, pertinacity and rare popularity.
Ebullient, at the same time fool - proof dog, well - balanced and bold. Unpretentious and adaptable. Very attached his mister and his family, tolerant to babies and to native animals.
Breeder must have all the time on memoirs, that German shepherd requires not only unyielding arm and good training, but also continuous sufficient number kinetic, ballast activities. Out of work and activities this dog becomes bad and unmanageable. For German shepherds is characteristic disorder yclept like „ latent demand dysplazie coxal joint", therefore wake very heedful already at selection pup, to this disorder from parents this nepodedilo.
Breeder must have all the time in view, that German shepherd requires training and sufficient number of free space to realized his kinetic activities.
FCI I. - shepherds and drover dogs
Branch 1 – shepherds with working examination.