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Dachshund is antique race, for centuries cradled like jamnik or terrier, then dog intended for vyhaneni animals from current sink. Developed concurrently with black and tan on English islands. In Czech literature of him find first allusion already in 17. century. Exact terms characteristics dachshunds we've from of the year 1898, when was this race already to perfection steady. Already at that time however dachshund served and like man - hunt and bloodhound. Bigger type was able to stool badger and fox from their current sink, eventually with them weave and strangle is. Smaller type served to hunt rabbits. Today have imposing dogs high summary proceedings legs and deep chest, near working dogs isn't chest so bulky. Meaning hereof fact exemplifies, that standard racial confuses variety according to highs, but according to perimeter chest or according to materiality. Smallest rabbit dachshund has girth of chest less than 30 cm, dwarfish from 31 to the 35 cm. Standard dachshunds have perimeter breasts greater than 35 cm. Differences are and in materiality - dwarfish scales from 4 kg, standard in light type scales among 4 - 7 kg and more difficult type over 7 kg. All dachshunds have same origin, shelter however not only in different size nature, but in different types hair (short - haired, longwoolled and unciviliti) and colourings. Dachshunds belongs to to best - loved race. Now shelter mostly like copartners.
Origin racial Nemecko
Rise racial 19. century
Original purpose hunt foxs and badgers
Present purpose company and hunting - dog
Mean age 14 - 17 years
Other title Dachshund, Teckel, dakl
Materiality 4,5 - 11,5 kg
Altitude 13 - 25 cm