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Chihuahua (Chihuahua)
Chihuahua is fast, bold, live and ready dog, with large srdickem. Is very attached its breeders, nevertheless exceedingly daring. Chihuahua is smallest doggy in the world.Celebrated largely commercials ;) .
angl.: Chihuahua; nip.: Chihuahua
Chihuahua is thought of smallest thoroughbred dog in the world. Its in the name of carries title biggest of the state Mexico – Chihuahua.
Supposes , that those little ones doggies lived in former times wilderness and were laudable already Azteky. As late as the 9th century at the time Toltecke civilization were caught, domestifikovani and diffusion local inhabitant. Representative hereof small doggy – toys, named Techichi, which lived in town tula work, served as design to ornamentation local town architecture. These statuette are today's Civave look - alike.
In Europe got Chihuahua liking for especially thanks Italian songstress Adelaine Patti, which in the year 1890 president Mexico paid hereof small doggy, stashed in bouquet flowers. Next known friend Civavy was Ksavy Kjuga, director dancing set, popular in 40. years 20. century, which with small Chihuahua in arm - pit often conduct. At present derive benefit from specialist, who deal with breeding Civavy, also withdrawal dogs American origin.
Is concerned race small social dogs.
Chihuahua is mincing doggy, compact bodies. Important sign is skull shaped apples and his somewhat longer tail, attached way up, either incurvate or moulded to the semicircle, with tip destined to shoulders. Longitude bodies gently surpasses his altitude in tap. Nevertheless is, especially near dogs, requisite form bodies square. U bitch is however on the ground of function reproduction gently longer form bodies unstrung.
Chihuahua has round skull, shaped apples, which is for this race characteristic sign (prefers without leaflet, as small leaflet on head is unstrung). Stop it's good marked by, wide and deep. Nose is gently shorter, destined gently up, unstrung in any colour. Snout is short, from look edgewise straight, wide in spring from, to end narrows. Lips has mild, well reserved. Cheek are only gently mature. Eyes are big, very expressive, however no protrude, prefer are darkly coloured. Light eyes are admissible, no however requisite. Ears has big, upright, geiping, near rootage wide, step by step narrow to their gently round end. In a state of rest are well-disposed towards to the angle 45 steps. Neck is gently arched, middle longitude, near dogs is stronger, than in fennec., always however without lobe. U longwoolled Civavy is present wealthy „ collars" about neck highly in demand. Body has compact, well - built, with only gently marked by tap. Back are short and fine. Chest is wide, depth notching as far as elbows. Free or feeble abdomen is unstrung, no however requisite. Tail is high up perched, appearance straight, mild longitude, near rootage wide, direction to end pointed. Possession tail is important sign racial. His charnel house depends into a kind of racial, is however always conformable hair on bodies. Hair near longwoolled Civavy forms on tail beautiful „ tuft of hair". Style walking is Chihuahua active, steps has long and flexible expense, with good reach. Z look from behind would have had heel move mutually one to second almost in a parallel way. Movement is however always free and elastic, upright head, without visible effort.
Chihuahua has in tap at intervals 15 as far as 23 cm. (standard FCI altitude don't mention.)
Chihuahua has ideal materiality at intervals 1,5 as far as 3 kg. Individuals roping above 3 kg are disqualified.
Chihuahua has 2 sorts hair:
1.)shortness hair: Hair is short, all over bodies closely clingy. If here there has been below - hair, is hair somewhat longer. Thin hair on hand and abdomen is unstrung. Is gently longer on hand and tail, shorter in face and on ears. Hair is lustrous, her structure is soft currency. Hairless dogs aren't tolerated.
2.)long hair: Hair would meela be fine and silk, smooth or gently curly. Requisite is no too dense below - hair. Hair is longer, on ears, neck, stern, on the back of rear and fore legs, on pad and on tail. Dogs with long drifty hair aren't accept. Colouring is admissible of all colours, in all possible shades.

Chihuahua is fast, very bold, live and ready dog. Is very attached its breeders, nevertheless exceedingly daring. Gives priority companies dogs and people. If her irritate, is able to bite you and Your child. On the basis of is however Chihuahua gorgeous company and irreplaceable friend for lovers wee dogs.
Chihuahua has hair no care unpretentious – be enough her sometimes soft brush brush off. Sometimes do you have unseemly ft after eywater, therefore her care about eyes special drops. Chihuahua is very sensitive on cold and draught, therefore about ni during winter months considerately pother.
Chihuahua on the average doziva 12 as far as 14 years.
FCI IX. - social race and toy
Branch 6 – social dogs.
Without working examination.
218/ 23. 06. 2004 (Great Britain